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Welcome To Daily Deals Food Outlet

Our Deals. Your Savings.

We know the cost of groceries is an important part of your family’s budget. We’re dedicated to providing customers with quality groceries at prices that surprise and delight. We do this with a passion for customer service and commitment to reducing food waste. Discount groceries, without discount service, each and every day!

While we regularly highlight some of our great deals—which are definitely worth getting excited about—you won’t find an eight-page weekly ad. Why? Our inventory is ever-changing and often does so quickly. So, when you see a product you like at a price that cannot be passed up, be sure to stock up! Whether you’re looking to stretch your grocery budget or enjoy the thrill of an awesome deal, Daily Deals is where savvy grocery shoppers save.

This is How We Do It

step 1

Opportunistic Purchasing

When major food companies have an overstock of product (from packing changes, overruns, or simply need to move it), we step in and purchase the excess - for less.

step 2

Our Deals

By purchasing these items, we are able to provide an ever-changing selection of products at deeply discounted prices—passing the savings on to you.

step 3

Your Savings

At Daily Deals, you get more for less. We stock each location with name-brand products at prices less than you find at larger stores.

step 4

Stock Up

By shopping at your local Daily Deals Outlet first, you can stock up - and save - before rounding out your grocery list elsewhere. Savvy shopping means satisfying savings.

Daily Deals Saves Its Communities

2M Dollars Each Year

that’s $2,000,000!

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